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Experience Design meets Service Design – Method Clash or Marriage?

Location Montreal, Canada
First day 22 April 2018
Last day 22 April 2018
Submission deadline 02 February 2018

A CHI’18 workshop in Montreal, Canada

Service design increasingly involves the integration of physical and digital service offerings. At the same time, user experience design increasingly involves the design of digital services via a more holistic view to the customer journey. The scope overlap between these two design practices is growing; however, the goals, methods, and underlying concerns remain quite different. Service design takes a systemic approach, and attempts to develop an ecology of interacting stakeholders. User experience design focuses on the user’s needs, and pushes the boundaries of new technology to create entirely new experiences.

This workshop investigates the growing overlap between service and user experience design and charts a course for more effective integration between these two ways of designing. The workshop has four objectives:

Discuss the similarities and differences between these two design practices.
Share your successes and failures when blending service and experience design.
Identify key issues that the service design and experience design research communities must address.
Form connections with a global group of designers and design researchers working at the intersection of these two practices.