Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong

Track 1.c From R&D to D&R: Challenging the Design Innovation Landscape

Christine De Lille, TU Delft, Netherlands
*Cara Wrigley, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Kees Dorst, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Dirk Snelders, TU Delft, Netherlands
* contact:

Organisations globally have looked to design to help them innovate, differentiate and compete in a changing economic climate; majority of these design innovation approaches have to date yielded viable product or project outcomes and are well documented in the literature. One example of this is the extensive exploration of designs contribution to new product development cycles and in turn R&D departments worldwide. More recently the shift towards strategic design within organisations has gained momentum however there is a lack of understanding in its strategic application to industries of various construct and context.

Therefore, the aim of this track is to facilitate and encourage discussion surrounding the implementation of strategic design within businesses – success and failures alike. Considering this, the question is raised:

  • How can the specific knowledge and skills of designers be better articulated, understood, implemented and valued as core components of strategic innovation in businesses?
  • Who is ripe to lead this change in role? Where lies design’s contribution?

This track will bring together researchers and practitioners to share and discuss the approach, subsequent outcomes, contributions and possible futures of the design innovation landscape.

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