Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong

Track 6.a Building New Capabilities in an Organization: A research methodology perspective

*Christine De Lille, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Cara Wrigley, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Rebecca Price, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Kees Dorst, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Jurgen Tanghe, LiveWork & Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Sam Bucolo, University Technology Sydney, Australia
* contact:

There is an increasing need for organizations to adapt to rapid changes in society. This need requires organizations’ and the leader within them, to explore, recognise, build and exploit new capabilities. Researching such capabilities has drawn attention from the design management research community in recent years. Dominantly, research contributions have focused on perspectives of innovation and the strategic application of design with the researcher distanced from context. Descriptive and evaluative case studies of past organisational leadership have been vital, by building momentum for the design movement. However, there is a need now, to progress toward prescriptive and explorative research perspectives that embrace context through action and the simultaneous research of design.  The objective of such research is to develop significant and novel knowledge of the capabilities available to organizations’ that harness strategic applications of design.

Therefore, the aim of this track is to lead and progress discussion on research methodologies that support the research community in developing such knowledge through context-orientated organizational research. Key questions include: How can we co-develop knowledge in the present? How can we move from descriptive research towards prescriptive research? This track will bring together a group of diverse international researchers to fuel discussion on design approaches and subsequent outcomes, capabilities, contributions and preparations for validity.

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