Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong

Track 6.d Designing the Designers: Future of Design Education

Henri Christiaans, UNIST , Korea
* Selena Griffith, University of New South Wales, Australia
Noemi Sadowska, Regent’s University London, UK
Fiona Peterson, RMIT University, Australia
* contact:

In preparing programmes and curriculum to develop the designers of the future, educators are continually reminded of the ever changing world in which they will ultimately practice. Increasing levels of project complexity, technology uptake, integrated and cross disciplinary practice are providing many opportunities for design educators to develop innovations in the way we design and deliver education experiences. This track invites the exploration and sharing of myriad approaches design educators employ to develop, in their students, the skill sets and knowledge future designers will require. What is the future of design and how might we prepare students for this? Who will we need to work with to develop relevant and rewarding educational experiences?  What will these look like? Should we involve students as partners in the process? It is anticipated that contributors to this track will not only provide some answers but also pose some pertinent questions with respect to the future of Design Education. Paper contributions might include case studies of innovative learning and teaching practice in the field of Design and Design Management, collaborative works between academics and students to provide a student voice to developments in design education, analysis of outcomes of engaged learning with industry and other clients, dynamics of managing cross cultural and cross disciplinary projects in learning and teaching scenarios and responses to the increased demands to integrate innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility into courses and programs.