*Aidan Rowe, University of Alberta, Canada
Claudine Jaenichen, Chapman University, USA
Gillian Harvey, University of Alberta, Canada
Kate Sellen, OCADU, Canada
Stephanie VandenBerg, University of Calgary, Canada
*contact: aidan.rowe@ualberta.ca

There is growing recognition of the increasing complexity faced by healthcare systems; critical issues and challenges include ageing populations, chronic diseases, growing drug ineffectiveness, and lack of access to comprehensive services (to name only a few examples). Concurrently design thinking, methods and practices are increasingly recognized as means of addressing complex, multi-leveled and systemic problems.
The Re-Designing Health: Transforming Systems, Practices and Care track session brings together academics that are working in—and across—areas of design, medicine and health. Employing design methods, practices, and thinking to address a range of healthcare challenges—from individual product to large-scale policy—this track provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, students, and designers to provide evidence for this relationship, document challenges and successes and to provide theoretical and practical models for healthcare and design to work collaboratively to address complex healthcare problems.
We look to identify and build research capacity to help address the complex and significant challenges faced by society in the 21st century and to chart new opportunities for the discipline of design.
This track looks for submissions that deal broadly with notions of design and health and document a variety of practices, proposals and ideas.

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