*Dominik Mahr, Maastricht University the Netherlands
Stefan Holmlid, Linköping University, Sweden
Julia Jonas, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Ulises Navarro Aguiar, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
*contact:– d.mahr@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Design management developed during the 19th and 20th century when industrialization and product development boomed. Everything was regarded as a product, and even when large corporations turned towards servitization strategies, design remained a product-oriented discipline.

Thanks to the shift in the 21st century, now it seems that everything is service; what does this mean for design management?

What are the capabilities of a service organization that strive to be design-managed? How can service organization transform into design-managed organization?

How can design as a management practice be organized, formalized and structured in a service organisation? Is there a difference between industrial services, hedonic services, wellbeing services, social innovation services, sharing services, when it comes to design management?

These are few of the open questions in this research area, and we invite contributions within the overall track area that contribute with theory, conceptual work, best practices, empirical studies as well as experimental papers.