*Lianne Simonse, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Euiyoung Kim, University of California, Berkeley, US
Bart Bluemink, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Ehsan Baha, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
*contact: L.W.L.Simonse@tudelft.nl

Front running organisations in innovation have expressed serious concerns about long term visions for future innovations. As a counter effect of agile ways of working that can take one or two weeks as a bare minimum, there is an increasing quest for longer foresights. Foresights that express future visions enabled by design roadmapping. Foresights that generate new value propositions based on unique trends. Foresights that include more radical innovations such as business model and service-system innovations. Yet, how to create foresight, express future visions, construct evolutionary stories and relate this to transformations is rather unknown.

Pioneering scholars in strategy defined foresight as the ability to cope with the future—the organisation’s capacity of unobtrusively responding to its’ environment with strategic action that keeps an eye to a future point in time. Some approaches of strategic foresight systematically model changes in the society. However, these hardly consider the creativity part of strategic foresight that address important qualities such as imagining the future and the value wishes of future users. The purpose of the track is to discuss this and other perspectives at the interplay between strategy, futures and design innovation.

We are encouraging researchers and practitioners to share their papers in this discussion on creative foresight for strategic decision making within the micro-business environment of the organisation. We are looking forward to a meeting of minds to advance an emerging body of knowledge on creative foresight, developing new concepts, frameworks and techniques that support strategic design practices.

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