Call to participate: Survey for Ph.D Students and Supervisors about Research Methods

19th March 2018

Researchers from Jane Prophet and Ayoung Suh invite Ph.D students and supervisors to participate in their international academic study investigating the attitudes of Ph.D students and Ph.D supervisors in Art and Design to current provision. They want as wide an international response as possible.
Please contribute by:
1. Circulating our links to the questionnaire for Ph.D supervisors and/or students.
2. Completing the relevant survey aimed at Ph.D supervisors or at Ph.D students.
3. Sending this email on to people who will take the survey (and copying us in if possible so we can follow up later).
The survey will take 20-30 minutes, the researchers are aware of that time commitment from you but ask you to take it as this is the first survey they know of that looks at provision around the world for students undertaking a Ph.D in art and design and supervisors working with them.
The aim is to provide data which would be of use to the international subject community (art and design) when planning research methods training for artists and designers undertaking and supervising Ph.Ds.
The survey links are below.
For more information, please e-mail to Jane Prophet – and Ayoung Suh –