We are recruiting for our second MA cohort in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies. Scholarships and fellowships available.

3rd December 2018

This is an interdisciplinary Master’s program grounded in environmental humanities and political ecology with further options to focus on a range of topical areas from theories of nature-culture studies to Anthropocene studies, climate change cultures to green urbanisms, eco-literatures and global supply chains to indigenous knowledge amongst other issues. More information and a short film on the Master’s program can be viewed here: liberalartsmasters.risd.edu/ncss

Recent RISD/NCSS events/speakers include: Tony Fry (on decoloniality, ecology and eco-design), Juliet Schor (plenitude and platform co-ops), Neil Brenner (planetary urbanism), Laurence Delina (green new deal & wartime mobilization), Jesse Jenkins (eco-pragmatism & rapid decarbonization), Alison Clark (eco-design and the legacy of Victor Papenek), Paola Antonelli (Broken Nature eco-art futures), Asim Waqif (on public art and ecology in India); Matt Hern (on climate change and the Tar Sands); Alyssa Battistoni (on gender, ecosocialism and Just transitions). Many of these talks can be watched here: https://liberalartsmasters.risd.edu/ncss/events/

Finally, you watch our recently completed two-day conference: Climate Futures, Design and the Just Transition here:


This event also mapped a range of cutting-edge discussions in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies from discussions about the future of ecosocialisms, eco-design, environmental justice studies, ecomodernism and degrowth to design futures and the political aesthetics of low carbon futures.

For inquiries about the program please contact, Professor Jonathan Highfield, Graduate Program Director of Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies jhighfie@risd.edu