Women in UX 2020, 18–20 February 2020, Australia


28th January 2020

UX Australia – Women in UX 2020, Sydney

The Women in UX workshops are the first of it’s kind for UX Australia. In the last year, the UX Australia team uncovered a disturbing pattern; more men than women were proposing talks for UX Australia and Design Leadership. For example, the Design Leadership conference had submissions of 11 men to 1 woman.

In 2020, we will be launching a new project in the hope to grow the number of women speakers, increasing diversity, and ensuring new voices and ideas are heard at UX conferences.

As our first step, Mags Hanley will by running two half-day workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. At these workshops, each attendee will have a proposal that is ready for submission to a conference.

Step two will incorporate another workshop in mid-2020, focusing on women presenting their proposal submissions at conferences.

You can find more information here