Service Design Days – From 2nd to 5th April 2020 in Barcelona, Spain


17th February 2020

Leading Design for Design Leaders

Technology’s integration in our daily lives is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. It’s in our pockets, in our ears and in every room of our house. It has changed our relationship with others, with products and with the organisations that serve us. From government to banking, from healthcare to leisure, from retail to communications, servitization and tech have become inextricably linked. Enabling services that were unthinkable before. Are you looking for ways to apply technology responsibly? To develop design strategies to humanise technology and contribute to an inclusive digital society? Are you already designing services with an eye on the arrival of new tech or taking it into consideration? Do you want to learn how groundbreaking companies are bridging the use of tech with great service delivery? And do you want to be prepared for service-changing innovations that have an impact?

Then you must participate in this annual conference where we will take a deeper look at how humans are going to interact with each other in new ways. Listen to experts. Share your own experiences on how your company is delivering innovative services. Join both hands-on and strategic masterclasses. Learn from design professors. And discuss in our round table sessions your concerns about humanising technologies to deliver desired services.

On top of that, you are invited to listen to real service design stories while getting to know the city of Barcelona. Hop on and join the Service Design Tour and visit organisations that open their doors for you.
Join the 5th anniversary Service Design Days
conference from April 2 to 5 in Barcelona! Click here for more information.