14 December, 2018

Special Issue of Sustainability “The Future of Design for Sustainability” May 2019

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2019

Design for sustainability is not the panacea we hoped it would be when it was first introduced in the latter part of the 20th century. Today, the health of both our environment and our societies is at a critical state, at a breaking point, (more…)

Narratives of South Asian Women in the Conversation about Travelling and Tourism

This podcast series focuses on sharing stories and experiences of strong and remarkable South Asian women who loves travelling and exploring the world. Through this series, Komal Faiz hopes to bring forward the narratives of South Asian women in the conversation about travelling and tourism.

Below is the link to the first (more…)

Job opportunity

The Royal College of Art is seeking an outstanding researcher and teacher in the History of Design

The Royal College of Art is the UK’s only entirely postgraduate art and design university. In 2018/19 the College will have some 2,300 students registered for MA, MRes, MPhil and PhD degrees and over 450 (more…)

13 December, 2018

Develop Your Research Capability

12 December, 2018

ADIM2019: Call for Workshops

The Academy for Design Innovation Management conference invites proposals for workshops that will engage and reflect upon the conference theme “Research Perspectives In the era of Transformations”.  The workshop proposals are due by Wednesday 20 February 2019.

The full call can be accessed here.

7 December, 2018

ADIM2019: Call for Case Studies

The Academy for Design Innovation Management Conference 2019 invites an international community of scholars and practitioners to share their stories from the front lines. The case studies proposals are due by 15 January 2019.

More information can be accessed here.

6 December, 2018

Call for Papers – Socially Engaged Design Conference 2019: Initiate. Sustain, Expand – Limassol, Cyprus, October 2019

The value of socially engaged practices in social change

Socially Engaged Design Conference (SED) is a two-day event that discusses how researchers and practitioners propose and implement solutions to tackle contemporary societal issues. SED 2 will explore the role of art and design in driving social change. Under the umbrella theme of (more…)

4 December, 2018

Call for Papers – Heron Island, Queensland, Australia, 15 – 18 December 2019

Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design

This conference series commenced in 1989 to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge research on computational and cognitive models of design creativity and became known as the “Heron island” conferences.

This conference, the Thirtieth Anniversary Heron island conference, aims (more…)

3 December, 2018

Job Opportunity

The University of Washington – Assistant Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington seeks an individual dedicated to excellence in teaching and research programs to join our dynamic interdisciplinary intellectual community in 2019.

For more information go to the (more…)

We are recruiting for our second MA cohort in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies. Scholarships and fellowships available.

This is an interdisciplinary Master’s program grounded in environmental humanities and political ecology with further options to focus on a range of topical areas from theories of nature-culture studies to Anthropocene studies, climate change cultures to green urbanisms, eco-literatures and global supply chains to indigenous knowledge amongst other issues. More information (more…)

Authors and designers are invited to submit works for possible publication…


The sixth issue will be published between July 15 and September 15, 2019. The deadline for full versions of papers and visual narratives written and/or designed that meet Dialectic Issue 06’s categorical descriptions (see below) is: 5:00 pm CDT, January 4, 2019.

Dialectic’s sixth issue will publish pieces that articulate research, scholarly (more…)

Call for Papers – 7th eCAADe Regional International Symposium, Aalborg University, 2-3 May 2019

Virtually Real

Academics, professionals, PhD and graduate students are invited to contribute papers, short papers, and posters on the topic of virtual reality in architecture within one of three sub-topics:


  • VR and AR displays
  • Rendering
  • Sound simulation


  • Interactive design
  • Navigation in architectural space
  • Exploration of abstract design spaces


Call for Papers – 4T Design and Design History Association, Annual Symposium 2019

Design and Authority 

May 2 – 4 2019 – İzmir, Turkey

Those who are interested in contributing papers to the thirteenth 4T Symposium are invited to submit a title and an extended abstract of 1000 words through EasyChair by January 25th 2019. Registration to Easy-Chair is essential in order to submit abstracts. The symposium (more…)

Call for Papers – Around the Campfire, Resilience & Intelligence


Cumulus welcomes proposals for academic and professional papers for the Cumulus 2019 conference ‘Around the Campfire: Resilience and Intelligence’. The goal of the conference is to bring together academics and practitioners from various fields of art and design to facilitate inspiring and progressive discussion by sharing knowledge of past, existing, and (more…)

Call for Papers – 8th biannual Nordic Design Research Society (Nordes) Finland 3-4 Jun 2019

Who cares?

This question is a provocation for design research. What do, or should, we care about in design and design research today? The 8th biennial NORDES conference poses the question, Who cares? exploring related questions, issues and propositions concerning responsibilities, relationships, ways of doing and directing design today.

Possible themes include but (more…)

29 November, 2018

Call for Papers – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Designing for connected and expressive artificial ecosystems

In recent decades, the design has faced great challenges and profound transformations. Its traditional approach to crafting and shaping the tangible world has been revolutionized by the way this very world has changed, becoming infused with digital technologies that have made it smarter, more interactive, (more…)

Job Opportunity

Position Open for a Senior Researcher in Design or Human-Computer Interaction

The applied research centre Fraunhofer AICOS, located in Portugal, is looking for a senior researcher (PhD holder) in Design or Human-Computer Interaction. You may find the announcement as below,


Conferences in 2019 – 2020

ADIM – London June 2019  https://designinnovationmanagement.com/


CHI – Glasgow May 2019 http://chi2019.acm.org/


D4. Designing Development Developing Design – Osaka October 2019 http://4d-conference.com/ 


DRS – Brisbane 2020 https://www.australiandesignreview.com/news/brisbane-wins-hosting-rights-design-research-society-conference-2020/


DMI – London April 2019 https://www.dmi.org/general/custom.asp?page=conferences


DS – Delft August 2019 http://iced19.org


EAD – Dundee April 2019 https://ead2019dundee.com/


IASDR – Manchester September 2019) https://iasdr2019.org/

21 November, 2018

Call for Papers – IASDR 2019 – Manchester Metropolitan University, The United Kingdom

Design Revolutions

Design revolutions will explore how design drives and responds to revolutionary thinking through questioning the norm, probing the now and embracing the new. For the first tim,e IASDR will be held in the UK and will foster new thinking towards a compelling, meaningful and radical dialogue regarding the role that (more…)

20 November, 2018

Job Opportunity – University of Wales, Swansea Campus

ATIC Principal Innovation Fellow – 00889

Full Time – Fixed Term until 31.04.2021

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is seeking to recruit a suitably qualified and experienced individual for the post of Principal Innovation Fellow to work in the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATIC), based within UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art (more…)

16 November, 2018

Call for Papers – ICED 2019

The ICED 2019 organisers would like to make you aware of an extension to the submission of the full paper deadline. You will now have until Sunday 16th December 2018 to submit to conftool.

5 – 8 August 2019 – Delft, The Netherlands

The forthcoming International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED19, will continue (more…)

15 November, 2018

Call for Experimentation by Design – The Design Danish Centre

Event info

Date: 06.12.2018

Time: 8:30 – 17:30

Organiser: The Danish Design Centre, The Danish Business Authority and Innovation Fund Denmark

Address: Danish Design Centre, Bryghuspladsen 8, BLOX, 1473 Kobenhavn K, Denmark

Experimentation by Design – Creating Agile Governance in Business and Policy
The technological development is happening at an increasing pace, and new business models emerge in (more…)

12 November, 2018

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships (for low and middle-income countries) have been launched.
Commonwealth PhD Scholarships are for candidates from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries, for full-time doctoral study at a UK university.
Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Commonwealth PhD Scholarships enable talented and motivated individuals to gain the knowledge and (more…)
9 November, 2018

Job Opportunity – Kent State University

Full-time Tenure-track Faculty Position in Communication and Information

The College of Communication and Information at Kent State University invites applications for an open-rank, tenure-track and/or tenured position at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor in one of the following areas: web development/programming, emerging media or human-computer interaction.

29 October, 2018

Volunteers Needed

Come join us at the Academy for Design Innovation Management!
We are currently looking for online editors to help us with sourcing, editing and upload content on the ADIM website. This includes:


  • Curating and posting news
  • Curating and featuring research work of Design Innovation Management Academics
  • Curating and featuring research activities of (more…)
3 October, 2018

Call to support Early Career Researchers from developing countries

The Academy for Design Innovation Management (ADIM) Conference operates as a platform for knowledge creation, collaboration and advancement across a diverse range of Design Innovation and Design Management discipline areas. The conference attracts speakers and attendees from across the globe, including recognised industry professionals, international scholars and emerging researchers operating in the creative, (more…)

29 September, 2018

Job at University of Montréal

The School of Design at University of Montreal, Canada is seeking applicants for a position of Professor of Industrial Design at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor.

Candidates must have experience in teaching fundamental notions of design and expertise related to industrial design.

For more info see:


18 September, 2018

TU Delft Jobs

Within the Design for Sustainability group at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, at Delft University of Technology, there are currently two open positions.


Design of Smart Products and Services for a circular economy – Tenure track position (assistant professor)

We are looking for a colleague who can explore, both in theory (more…)

12 September, 2018

Design Innovation Positions

The University of Sydney is looking to fill three positions in their Design Innovation team:

Lecturer in Design Innovation Ref 1759/0918C

Senior Lecturer in Design Innovation Ref 1760/0918C

Associate Professor in design Innovation

Closing date: 11:30pm, 14 October 2018

1 September, 2018

Job opportunities at QUT

Several exciting academic positions at QUT Australia.


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Fashion: https://qut.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=7A2D5465-D6D2-859C-9D2A-A4747838229A&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=1877E01E%2D78DD%2D4ED2%2D9D7A%2D9DB40135CFF4&JobListID=73e3bb51%2D1aa7%2Ddb29%2D2ea3%2D52af99b4f747&jobsListKey=8f6082fe%2D3762%2D4668%2Dba35%2D2d65d0be1efd&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=44936600088


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design: https://qut.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=4DBC3476-51CE-7A1A-7CFB-A47478679495&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=1877E01E%2D78DD%2D4ED2%2D9D7A%2D9DB40135CFF4&JobListID=73e3bb51%2D1aa7%2Ddb29%2D2ea3%2D52af99b4f747&jobsListKey=c6ac795a%2Da5fa%2D479a%2Dbada%2Df9c664815ca4&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=15969340098


Lecturer in Interaction Design: https://qut.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=D08DF7BD-4EDE-6E55-A1ED-A45C7DA1E41E&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=1877E01E%2D78DD%2D4ED2%2D9D7A%2D9DB40135CFF4&JobListID=73e3bb51%2D1aa7%2Ddb29%2D2ea3%2D52af99b4f747&jobsListKey=60a678cc%2D7f18%2D441d%2Db1d3%2D63cebf119fb1&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=26490830088


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture: https://qut.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=BD46B717-42E1-6C43-575D-A474788B0A13&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=1877E01E%2D78DD%2D4ED2%2D9D7A%2D9DB40135CFF4&JobListID=73e3bb51%2D1aa7%2Ddb29%2D2ea3%2D52af99b4f747&jobsListKey=61812686%2D79ad%2D450f%2Da948%2Dae7b246ec460&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=39043260098

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture: https://qut.nga.net.au/cp/index.cfm?event=jobs.checkJobDetailsNewApplication&returnToEvent=jobs.listJobs&jobid=D7C47B72-8D9D-79CD-27A5-A47478D6D625&CurATC=EXT&CurBID=1877E01E%2D78DD%2D4ED2%2D9D7A%2D9DB40135CFF4&JobListID=73e3bb51%2D1aa7%2Ddb29%2D2ea3%2D52af99b4f747&jobsListKey=e6e6ca3d%2Dcdc8%2D4fca%2D9fb5%2Daa1d3e52215d&persistVariables=CurATC,CurBID,JobListID,jobsListKey,JobID&lid=99087480108

Interested applicants from outside the University who are unable to access these links can navigate to these position descriptions via the QUT (more…)

28 June, 2018

DRS2018 Proceedings available

The Design Research Society 2018 Conference Proceedings are available here.

10 April, 2018

Call For Papers

With art as research becoming an established paradigm in art education, several questions arise. How do we educate young artists to actively engage in the production of knowledge and aesthetic experiences in an expanded field? What are some of the role models that we can look to when we speak about hybrid practices and (more…)

7 April, 2018

Clio Awards

The Clios is the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising, the Clios annually and throughout the year recognize the work, the agencies and the talent — across advertising, sports, fashion, music, entertainment, and health care — that push boundaries and (more…)

19 March, 2018

Call to participate: Survey for Ph.D Students and Supervisors about Research Methods

Researchers from Jane Prophet and Ayoung Suh invite Ph.D students and supervisors to participate in their international academic study investigating the attitudes of Ph.D students and Ph.D supervisors in Art and Design to current provision. They want as wide an international response as possible.
Please contribute by:
1. Circulating our links to the questionnaire (more…)
16 March, 2018

Echo ++ | Calling all female tech founders!

At Hereast, Stratford, an 8 week accelerator programme will take place for female tech founders. The event is hosted by Plexal – a main collaboration partner – one of Europe’s leading innovation hubs to deliver Plexiglass.

Participants will gain access to tailored content, 121 support, mentoring and workspace for the duration of the programme, culminating with (more…)

2 March, 2018

One week left to submit abstract

One full week left to submit your abstract to the DMA Collective. Deadline looming at 9th of March. More info and to submit your abstract, go to: http://www.dmacollective.org

27 February, 2018

Video DMA Hong Kong 2017

Highlights of the DMA conference in Hong Kong 2017


13 February, 2018

Casablanca Design Management Event

Morocco as an emergent market in west Africa is concerned about design management. Through history, the country is grounded in arts and crafts. This issue is so important for the country in economic and social terms. In this perspective, a ministry is dedicated to that. Nevertheless, the connection with design management (more…)

12 February, 2018

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host DRS2020

The Design Research Society welcomes expressions of interest to host the 2020 International Design Research Society Conference.


Over the past 10 years the DRS Biennial Conference Series has grown to become a major international event in the design research calendar with a reputation for academic quality, provocative thinking, and industry engagement. Over (more…)

8 February, 2018

DRS 2018 – Call for Workshops

Call for Conversations

Conversation is the DRS2018 format for sessions conceived as alternative to the traditional paper/presentation format, with the ambition of  providing innovative venues for project-based research and work that is not easily captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper. A Conversation can be a structured discussion or experimental session format that (more…)

12 January, 2018

Sydney Design Festival 2018

This year, on its 20th anniversary, Sydney Design Festival will happen between 2nd and 11th of March, 2018. The aim of the event is on bringing awareness towards the role of design to solve complex global problems.  It is close to applications now. To get more information, visit the event website.


9 January, 2018

R&D Management Conference 2018: R&Designing Innovation

The conference focuses on transformational challenges for organizations and society that they call for tracks that design management researchers can submit papers. Some examples of these tracks are as follows:

  • Re-thinking design thinking: emerging challenges and future evolutions
  • Team, leadership & organization for creativity and innovation
  • To see the full lists (more…)
8 January, 2018

Design 2018: Excellence in Design

15th Design Conference will take part in Dubrovnik, Croatia between 21st and 24th of May, 2018. The conference focuses on the following theme:

“Discussion and further development of all aspects of design knowledge from cognition and philosophy, to methods and tools, from research theory to practice” – Conference Website

To achieve this, they (more…)

17 December, 2017

Design management news?

Share your design events or other design management related news with us via: editor[at]designinnovationmanagement.com

7 June, 2017

Call for Papers SDN Design Research Summit 2018

at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel
8–10 March 2018

Beyond Change – Questioning the role of design in times of global transformationwww.beyondchange.ch
Extended Deadline: September 1, 2017


All applications should be sent via the Easyschair Platform before September 1, 2017.

Applicants are invited to submit proposals for lectures, project presentations, and (more…)

7 April, 2017

Call for Tracks: DRS 2018 Limerick

DRS2018 which will take place in Limerick, Ireland, 25th-28th June next year. Proposals are invited for researchers interested in organising and managing a theme track of the conference, which will be incorporated into the forthcoming Call for Papers.
The track proposal should consist of:
— a track session title;
— 2 to 3 sub-chairs for (more…)

19 February, 2017

Last call for DMA 2017 Workshop Proposals

Workshop Proposals are due on Wednesday 1 March 2017

The DMA conference invites proposals for workshops that will engage and reflect upon the conference theme “Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections”. The aim of the workshops is to create a physical platform to create, knit, and foster collaboration through experimentation at the intersection between (more…)

30 December, 2016

Professor Jeanne Liedtka’s DMA 2017 conference bursaries for emerging researchers

Up to four Professor Jeanne Liedtka’s conference bursaries for emerging researchers are available for emerging researchers who are planning to present papers at the upcoming Design Management Academy 2017 international conference hosted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University between 7 and 9 June 2017.

The each bursary will cover the conference fees (up (more…)

28 December, 2016

We look forward to welcoming you to the DMA Conference in Hong Kong!

3 October, 2016

Call for Papers DMA 2017

Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong
Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections

Hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Full Papers submission deadline: Monday 30th January 2017

Conference dates: June 7–9, 2017 Hong Kong

The Design Management Academy’s international research conference which will be hosted by the School of Design School at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The DMA (more…)

26 August, 2016

DESMA Meet-up London

On Friday 16th of September 2016, DESMA invites you to join us in exploring New Formats for Doing and Communicating Research in the Intersections of Design + Management and Academia + Practice.

Register now!

DESMA started out as an Initial Training Network within the area of Design Management funded by the European Commission’s (more…)

12 June, 2016

Call for Theme Tracks for the upcoming DMA 2017 Hong Kong

Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong: Academic perspectives on creative intersections

This International Conference is hosted by the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic

Conference dates: June 7–9, 2017 Hong Kong

Conference website: http://designinnovationmanagement.com/dma2017/

The Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong International Research Conference will be hosted by PolyU Design (the Design School at Hong Kong Polytechnic). The (more…)